Kaushal Zaveri From Telgi Story Real Life: Kaushal Zaveri is one such person who has a very short and small role in the series, but that man plays a crucial role in Telgi’s life. According to the series, Kaushal Zaveri was the first person who gave the idea of stamp paper manipulation, and he was the main mastermind behind it all.

Kaushal and Telgi parted ways due to a conflict of interest between them, and after that, Kaushal never returned with Karim Telgi. Many of you have been asking about the real name, image, and other details about the character Kaushal from the series, and we are going to provide you with the same.

The character of Kaushal Zaveri is based on the real-life character of Ratan Soni. Although there is no real image of Ratan Soni available on the internet, one thing is certain: he was the man who met Telgi in jail, and together they planned this whole scam.

Ratan was later caught by the police and subsequently found guilty by the court. He was sentenced to a few years of imprisonment and was later released from jail. Since then, he has not been in the limelight, and there have been no updates about him.

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That concludes the information about Kaushal Zaveri from the “Scam 2003” series. What are your thoughts on the series and the show? Please let us know in the comments.



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