Kathmandu Connection Review SonLiv

Kathmandu Connection Review SonLiv: Irrational Climax Spoils Everything

Kathmandu Connection Review SonLiv: Honestly speaking I am more excited for the Maharani web series on SonyLiv, although Kathmandu Connection has some amazing actors, there was always a fear in mind that it may end up being predictable and the same happens with the series, I Just finished the series and here I am going to review it.

The web series stars Amit Sial and Aksha Pardasany in main lead roles, along with Anshumaan Pushkar and Gopal Datt in crucial roles, the series is directed by Sachin Pathak, the series has a total of 6 episodes and all episodes are approx 30-40 minutes long, You have to give at least 3 hours to the series if you want to finish it. Let’s talk about the performances and highlights from the series.


The story starts with a flashback of the 1990s where a police cop encounters two terrorists, he got medals and promotions for that, and 3 years after that he gets a case of Murder of government officer, Murder of a businessman and someone on the phone is stalking the famous journalist of town. When cop starts investigating the case, they came to know about the Kathmandu connection, as the last call to all three victims were from a Casino in Kathmandu, A team goes to Kathmandu and crack the case with Shocking yet irrational climax, who was all behind this? and what were the motives of the killer, to know this you have to watch the full series on SonyLiv.


For me the acting is the only plus point of the series, Amit Sial looks stunning, he killing it the role of a cop, he looks brilliant as a cop and at the same time, he looks emotionally perfect as a husband and father who is about the get divorce from his wife in coming days. I had never seen Aksha Pardasany before, I was watching her for the first time and she looks amazing in her, her expressions with eyes her body language and dialogue delivery everything is just amazing, she is the second biggest highlight from the series, Rest of the actors were amazing in their role too, and series is a complete gem in terms of acting.


The biggest issue with the series is expectations, I started watching late after hearing some good reviews, but for me, it was a disappointment, how can sony liv approve such a climax, the climax was just illogical and it makes no sense at all, the series goes predictable after the 4th episodes and from there it lost its charm. The first 4 episodes were good and till the third episode the series was going brilliantly, in the last few episodes, it feels like I am watching some Zee5 or Mx Player series.

The same is issued with the Screenplay and Editing, the series goes superb until 3-4 episodes, and then it goes down and down and then ends with disappointment, the locations are amazing, Background music is decent and the VFX was average.

  • Name Of The Series: Kathmandu Connection
  • Release Date: 23rd April 2021
  • Platform: SonyLiv
  • Episodes: 06
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Family Friendly: No ( Only Languages Issue)
  • Skin Show?: No
  • Did I Liked It?: No
  • Recommended?: No


I am going with 2 out of 5 for the series, although the climax was very poor, the execution was very poorly done and I would not advise you to watch this, You  may check the series if you have no option left except Main Hero Bol Raha Hoon, :-p you can check the web series on SonyLiv, the series has no any skin shows but there is the use of strong language.

This was our review of SonyLiv’s original series Kathmandu Connection, what are your thoughts on it? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on the web and ott reviews, stay tuned with us.

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