Main Hero Bol Raha Hoon Review AltBalaji: A few weeks back I saw some mind-blowing action in the Mumbai Saga and today I started watching Alt Balaji & Zee5 original series Main Hero Bol Raha Hoon, I just finished it and here I am going to review the series, I am going to talk about the performances, plot, and highlights or the series.

The web series star Parth Samthan Arslan Goni and Pathralekha Pual in lead roles, the series also stars Arshin Mehta, Krishna Kotian, Ankit Gupta, and others. The series is directed by Siddhartha Luther and created by Ekta Kapoor, the series has a total of 11 episodes and all episodes are approx 20-25 minutes long. There are skin shows and use of strong language in the series, so the series is not family-friendly. The series is now available on Zee5 and Altbalaji in Hindi audio with subtitles.


The plot of the series revolves around a small-town guy ‘Nawab’ (Played by Parth Samthan), who comes to Mumbai to make big, he Joins the business of his uncle and starts selling Pirated CDs of the film, after that he starts the business of Cable TV and then with the help of local Mafia he reaches to Bollywood and then so on. The real issue starts when he falls for a Girl Laila. On the other side, there is a Head of the Gang Named ‘Lala’ and he also loves Laila. Here the story changes into a love triangle, who would rule Bombay? who would have Laila? to know this you have to watch the full series on ALTBalaji.

The biggest issue with the series is the performance by Parth Samthan, I am not saying he is a bad actor, but some roles are just not fit for everyone, You can’t give the role of PREM (in Vivah Movie, Shahid Kapoor as Prem) to Amartya Rao ( in Mumbai Saga, John Abraham as Amartya), some role is just made for some specific actors. Parth Samthan has a chocolaty boy image and you can’t act like a gangster just by delivering dialogues, you need lots of transformation for this, (like Shahid Kapoor Did for Kaminey). Parth Samthan is just below average, his expression, dialogue delivery, and everything was just below average, there was not even a single frame when he produces the vibe of Gangster.

The biggest highlight of the series is Ankit Gupta as Polic Cop, he has done a brilliant job and he is the best actor in the series, Patralekha is shining as always in the female lead and she has done an awesome job, Arslan Goni is also awesome in the role of Lala and he created the magic of gangster. The rest of the cast was decent with the performances.


If you are planning to make a gangster series, You have to make sure that you need some amazing actors and some mindblowing actions scenes, the action scenes from the series were total crap, they look like a low-level movie, There is the scene of Rooftop fight between Parth and Ankit Gupta, it looks funny, there is nothing like reality, camera angles were really bad and the fights look like a Bhojpuri movie fights with some cheap VFX. The screenplay is very poor and the series has not even a single element to thrill you, there is nothing like thrill or mystery in the series.

The editing and location are decent, the BGM is awesome and these were the only positives after the acting on Ankit Gupta, Patralekha, and Arslan. The movie is very dull in the middle and the editing is very poor, there is nothing new in the story, the same old story of Love, Gangster, Romance, Fights, and end.

I don’t understand the significance of adding so much of abuse in the series, there is not even a single frame where those words made logic, well, director and makers knows it better.

  • Name Of The Series: Main Hero Boll Raha Hoon
  • Platform: Zee5/AltBalaji
  • Release Date: 20th April 2021
  • Total Episodes: 11
  • Rating: 1.5/5
  • Recommended?: No
  • Did I Enjoyed It: No
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for the series, and that is only for acting of Patralekha, Arslan, and Ankit Gupta and to some amazing BGM work, there is nothing else to looks for in the series, if you are Fan of Parth Samthan and still want to watch the series, You can check it on Alt Balaji and Zee5, Please note Content is not family-friendly.

This was our review of Zee5 and Alt Balaji original series Main Hero Bol Raha Hoon, what are your thoughts about it? Please let us know in the comment section, for more posts nad updates like this on OTT and movies stay tuned with us.


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  1. I think you are doing some paid post and not writing right reviews. Parth santhaan has done the best job as an actor. Please update your knowledge abd see reviews from others. I guess you don’t have sense of evaluation.

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