YOU Season 4 Part 1 has been released recently on Netflix and the wait has been worth it. With the addition of new characters that are not just shrewd but also dangerous, the Season turns Joe into the stalked rather than the stalker which is a change of pace as Joe tries to make sense of what is happening and finding who is the real killer among those shrewd bunch that calls themselves each other’s friends.

If you’re interested in the characters, specifically Kate in Season 4, you’re at the right place.

Kate Galvin Character Explained:  Who Plays Him?

Kate is being played by Charlotte Ritchie who is known for her role in the British Sitcom Ghosts which has been adopted by the US into a TV Series as well. Coming to the character design, Kate is the girlfriend of Malcolm Harding, the Literature Professor who gets murdered in the first episode.

She keeps people at arm’s length but is a softie inside when we see her helping out an artist which her friend Simon had exploited by sending her to rehab and giving her an opportunity to showcase her work. She’s a gallerist by profession and is a very private person.

Ending ExplainedYOU Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained: Does Joe Die?

She is very skeptical about Joe right from the beginning, however, there’s some chemistry between them which just gets stronger towards the end of Part 1.

Kate was also one of the suspects that Joe thought of for the murder of Malcolm and the person who has been torturing him throughout his texts.



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