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Gemma In ‘You’ Season 4? Who Plays? Actress Name? | Gemma Character Explained?

Gemma In ‘You’ Season 4 Netflix: YOU Season 4 Part 1 has been released recently on Netflix there are many new entries in season 4 and one such character is Gemma.

If you’re interested in the characters, specifically Gemma in Season 4, you’re at the right place.

Gemma Character Explained: Who Plays Him?

Gemma Graham-Greene is being played by Eve Austin whose part projects include Fearless (2017) and Our Ladies (2019). Coming to her character design, she might be the worst of the bunch.

With no possible empathy towards a human being nor the scope for one, she is a socialite who, well, suits the bunch she’s in. Gemma is continuously under the influence of drugs, and alcohol and is known for her controversial comments.

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Her nature at how entitled and vile she is can be seen in Episode 4 where she makes a house help turn into a hoop while they play croquet. She continuously keeps making the people around her uncomfortable and well, she does what she deserves when she dies. Gemma dies in Episode 5, however, it isn’t revealed how she does but for now, it seems like Rhys killed her.



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