Karen and Kevin Boston Real Image, Pictures: American Manhunt – The Boston Marathon Bombing Netflix: The latest documentary series is now streaming on the platform in the English language the series follows the story of the Boston Marathon where there was a blast at the finish line of the marathon the terrorist just used two pressure cooker homemade bombs to make the bomb, and after the incident, 3 lives were gone and many were injured after two days the mastermind got arrested by the police, but the incident leaves people in shock for years and even till now people fear hearing of this incident.

so in this article, we are going to tell you about Karen Mc Watters and Kevin Mc Watters who are also present during this unfortunate incident.

Then-fiancé and now husband, Kevin McWatters was taking part in the marathon and had just reached the finish line when the blast took place everyone started running here and there many got injured, and nearly two-thousand structures were damaged.

Karen McWatters has come there to cheer her fiancé there and was standing as a spectator near the finish line in front of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street, when the blast took place just near her she was hit by a car losing his left leg but she also lost her best Krystle Campbell during the blast.

Marathon bombing survivor lost part of her leg and discovered her voice Karen and Kevin
Image – pressherald

As of now Karen and Kevin are now husband and wife and after this incident, they have supported each other now Karen is with a prosthetic leg and living their life happily but when they think about the incident the fear still haunts them.



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