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‘Obsession’ Episode 4 : Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

‘Obsession’ Episode 4 : The last and final episode of The Netflix original show ‘Obsession’ was full of thrill and excitement. There are a total of 4 episodes in the show and the 4th Episode was the Climax of the Show. Here we are going to tell you about the Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explanation.

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The fourth episode of the show starts from where the third episode ended. Jay follows his dad and sees that his dad, William, is going to Anna’s apartment. Jay calls his mom while entering Anna’s apartment. He sees William and Anna in an intimate situation. While moving backwards, he slips and falls from the top floor of the building, dying on the spot.

Anna leaves the apartment, and William reaches home. Now everyone knows about William and Anna, and Farrow’s wife, Ingrid, also knows about this. Everyone assembles at the church for the final prayers for Jay. Anna’s mother is also there, and William asks her about Anna, but her mother says she was always like this. On the other hand, William is still waiting for Anna. William’s wife broke the relationship with him, and they are not together anymore.

Farrow is now getting mad and losing his control. He also visits Preggy’s office to know about her. Even after researching everyone, he gets no clue about her. On the other hand, we see Anna at a party where she is dancing with some random guy. They go to the side to get intimate, but in the last moment, Anna says no and runs away from the party.

The next morning, William is at Anna’s house, trying to convince Amma to be with him. Amma says that after all that happened, she can’t be in a relationship with William as they are both responsible for Jay’s death. Amma asked William not to contact her anymore and left the place.

In the next frame, we see Amma calling her friend Preggy, and they both leave the city. On the other hand, William is planning to buy the property where Amma used to live. The episode ends here.

Now, after the episode’s ending, many of you may have questions: are they together or not? One thing is clear: they are not together anymore. Amma has realized her mistake, and now she is getting better. The show ends with a happy ending.



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