Mariko In ‘Shogun’ Actress Name & Character Explained: FX presents a ten-episodic historical war drama series ” Shogun” currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+Hotstar. Mariko is the lead female character of this series. She is an extremely beautiful & fearless lady. So, people demanded to know about this character. Let’s start.

Before we start our discussion, let’s know about the story of this series. This series is based on a best-selling classic novel of the same name written by James Clavell. The series shows Warlord Toranaga faced conspiracy & the civil war in ancient Japan.

In The series, the character of Lady Mariko is played by Anna Sawai. She is a 31-year-old actress. She has lots of popular series including ” Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023)”, “Pachinko”(2022) etc. some of her movies are “F9 (2021)” & “Ninja Assassin(2009)”.

Mariko is the daughter of Akechi Jinsai, who killed Lord Goroda. After that, he became rejected by Japanese people infact her daughter Mariko also suffered her dad’s karma. Because of this, she wishes to commit Seppuku but is Later forced to marry a samurai named Buntaro, who works for Lord Toranaga. After that, she fulfilled her duty to lord Toranaga & her husband Buntaro. After marriage, she also has her own child.

She chose the catholic road and started to learn the English language with the help of Father Alvito.
She became appreciated for her good English. So, lord Toranaga used her to translate the words of Barbarian John Blackthorne. By translating his words, Mariko slowly closes to him & falls in love with him. Of course, her husband is unable to accept this & object it to Lord Toranaga. But Toranaga doesn’t want to hurt Blackthorne & not his translator Mariko.

As the series goes on, Mariko & Blackthorne become more close. But Mariko always felt guilty about what happened with her family. It’s Toranaga who used her perfectly.

We have not only seen her gentle side, she is also a fearless lady. She obeyed her duty no matter what problems came. She wished to take hostages from Osaka in Ishido’s cage. But Ishido did not allow her to. Late, Mariko was killed by the assassins of Ishido. One of the crucial characters of this series is Lady Ochiba. Mariko used to be a close friend of Lady Ochiba. But later for marriage, they both became separated.

In episode 9, they faced each other after a long time. But Mariko died for nothing. That’s all about the character Mariko. Hope that your quarries are clear about this character.



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