V Movie Review Amazon Prime Video: V The movie was one of the most awaited movies on OTT and finally the movie released on Amazon Prime Video, I just finished watching the movie and here I am going to review the movie, I would also tell you about the performances and other details from the movie.

The movie stars Nani, Sudheer, Nivetha Thomas in lead, the movie also stars Aditi Rao Haidri, the movie is directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti, here is the full review of the movie along with the minor details like Parental Guidance, Duration and more.

V Movie Review

  • Name Of The Movie: V
  • Star Cast: Nani, Sudheer, Nivetha Thomas
  • Release Date: 5th Sept. 2020
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Parental Guidance: Suitable For Family, Not For Kids
  • Recommended?: (Depends)
  • Directed By: Mohana Krishna Indraganti
  • One Word Review: One Time Watch

Amazon Prime’s latest outing in the movie market is a big one as it is a crime thriller movie which stars big names from South. Yes we are talking about the movie V which stars Nani in the lead with Sudheer Babu in parallel lead . The movie is a gripping one and has the ability to hold to for 2 hours . But it’s not a nail biter thriller per se but still manages to be a good film mainly because of two things which are the performances and the storyline with the music also setting the tone for the mysteries. Here’s our review of the film.


The movie starts off with a riot scene which happens in a street , DCP Adithya ( Sudheer Babu ) saves people from the goons and becomes a hero in the eyes of the public. He has received many awards for his style of police work . His life takes an awful turn when a serial killer enters in his life and announces killing of 5 people over the phone to Adithya . The Killer ( Nani ) starts off by killing a police officer and leaves a note for his next kill . He challenges Adithya to stop him if he’s a tough cop like everyone says so and if he is not able to do that he’ll give up his prestigious awards .

Adithya takes up the challenge but misses everytime while getting regular hints about the next killing everytime. Adithya starts to dig into the cases to find out what is common between the murders and finds a horrific truth about the case . This is where the motivation behind the killings by Vishnu surfaces out . And his main target is Adithya himself . Who wins in this cat mouse chase ? Find it out yourself .


The major highlight of the movie is the performances . All the characters have brilliant depth in them. Sudheer Babu has done a brilliant job as a quick wit police officer . He has his moments in the first half but due to the entry of Nani later in the movie has less screen role as compared to him . While he has matched his Co star to every extent and delivers a fantastic performance. Nani on the other hand has done full justice to the role .

The psychopathic moments , the swag , talking to common people in train , bus are the perfect example of it . He has also been able to show the emotions very brilliantly which makes us feel for him after knowing his story . Aditi Rao Hydari has done a great job with her role and she has looked very beautiful in it . Nivetha Thomas plays the leading lady opposite Sudheer Babu has also suited for the role and it is refreshing to see her . Rest of the cast has also done their job fairly good .


For the major part of the movie the screenplay is tight and good . But there are moments sometimes where to feel to fast forward the film just to get into the next scene. But the scenes play a good role in building the characters of the film and providing them with depth.


Music is the life of the movie as it provides the perfect emotions and creepyness in the scenes required. The songs are also pleasant to hear even though you are not familiar with the language and it does lighten the mood .


We are going with the 3 out of 5 for the movie, the movie is a one time watch, that expectation was quite high from the movie, if you are looking for some thriller to watch with family, you can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video, the movie is approx 2 hours long and available in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam audios with English subtitles.

Reviewed By: Ayush

So this was our review of the Nani starer prime video original movie V, have you seen the movie? what is your opinion about it? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this, stay tuned with us.


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