Jin Chae-Hee in “Celebrity” Netflix: Han Jae-In plays Jin Chae-Hee in the Netflix Korean drama Celebrity. She was born on September 5, 1997, in South Korea. She has 85.2K followers on Instagram. This is her debut show and she’s done an impeccable job by bringing this character to life. I couldn’t tell this was her first time being on screen.

Jin Chae-Hee is the sister of Jin Tae-Jeon and a pretty famous Instagram celebrity. She’s a spoiled brat and doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. She loves to boss everyone around and feels superior to the rest.

As Seo A-Ri becomes more famous she starts getting irritated at how nobody like her could be of the same level as her. As her popularity grows day by day she gets more angry and to take this anger out she uses drugs. This leads her and everyone around him into a big mess. As a guy gets overdosed and dies because of her.

Her brother tries to help her by hiding the matter but Oh Min-Hye posts an anonymous post which made everyone aware of the situation and eventually became the for her downfall.

Han Jae-In does an excellent job of portraying Jin Chae-Hee. She brings the character to life with her nuanced performance. She is able to capture Jin Chae-Hee’s arrogance, her insecurity, and her vulnerability.



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