‘Celebrity’ Series Ending Explained: At the beginning of the series, we meet Seo A-Ri a salesperson for a beauty product Bibidia. As she tries to make a living by selling products by going door to door. During such a visit she comes across a rich personal Yoon Si-Hyeon.

After a few days, she had to purchase a gift for her boss for her marriage anniversary so she visited a mall with her friend Yoon Jeong-Sun. As they were purchasing the gift Oh Min-Hye, an old school friend of Seo A-Ri spots her and they decide to catch up on things. This friend of Seo A-Ri has now become a big insta-celeb.

As they say, Min-Hye reveals Seo A-Ri was quite rich and popular in school and everyone used to follow her style. She even had good grades so she was everyone’s favourite. Min-Hye asks for her id so that they can connect later but Seo A-Ri refuses as she doesn’t have one but her friend Jeong-Sun gives her id instead so she can help them connect.

Later Min-Hye invites Seo A-Ri to a party. Initially, she’s hesitant but after getting curious she decides to go but she has nothing fancy to wear for such an event. Her mom helps her by giving her a dress of her client which was sent for restoration.

In the party, Seo A-Ri meets Min-Hye and she introduces her to the rest of her friends. Si-Hyeon was one of them. But then another celeb named Biniimom gets there and starts having a fight with Min-Hye. Seo A-Ri gets involved and tries to defend Min-Hye. Biniimom throws a glass of wine on Seo A-Ri’s dress which makes her very angry so she responds accordingly.

After this incident, Seo A-Ri popped up on everyone’s radar and got approached by the CEO of a marketing and pr company. He tells her about all the stuff fame could bring her. She gets curious and thinks to give it a go. But before she could think of anything she gets pulled into this world of fame. Soon people start getting jealous of her especially her so-called best friend from school. Min-Hye and Chae-Hee plot against her to take her down but she kept going and eventually got the fame she deserved.

But soon trouble comes knocking as she goes to a club to sort out the bad blood between her and Chae-Hee. Which eventually turns out to be a big mess as she finds a guy lying on the ground with a drug overdose. Chae-Hee mistakenly posts a pic of her with Seo A-Ri in the club on her social account which made Si-Hyeon and others rush to the place.

Si-Hyeon’s husband Jin Tae-Jeon handles everything as they exit the club from the backdoor. Seo A-Ri suffers from a moral dilemma and tries to call the cops but Si-Hyeon stops her and assures her that everything will be alright she just has to trust her. Jin Tae-Jeon tries to avoid police and public hospitals as Chae-Hee is her sister and it would be disastrous for his law firm. Therefore he sends the patent to Kim Min-Chan who is a surgeon and Han Yu-Rang’s husband but he’s unable to save him and the man dies.

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News of his death creates a shockwave and many get affected by it. Seo A-Ri who is pretty famous now and has been getting lots of sponsorship decides to give her statement to the police. This made Jin Tae-Jeon mad as he wanted to keep it all under wraps.

Jin Tae-Jeon tries to threaten Seo A-Ri but Han Jun-Kyung steps in and saves her. Han Jun-Kyung loves Seo A-Ri therefore to protect her he says to testify against Jin Tae-Jeon. This made Jin Tae-Jeon very angry and he ordered Hwang Yong-Tae to kill him. Han Jun-Kyung gets into a car accident and gets into a coma.

Seo A-Ri gets defamed by bbbfamous as she posts her chats online which have been tampered with to make them look bad. People started hating her and told her to die. This pushes her over the edge and she decides to take revenge and get justice.

Seo A-Ri, her brother, and Yoon Jeong-Sun form a plan and fake her death after some months. Her brother uses deepfake to act as her to tell her story online so that they could reveal all secrets and get justice which works and they manage to do so and the series ends with Seo A-Ri leaving this web of lies.



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