Jiivi 2, a much-awaited Tamil Crime Thriller and a sequel to the blockbuster Jiivi (2019) directed by V.J Gopinath who also directed the first one in the series. The film’s release came out to be quite a shocker since the makers chose to release on Aha i.e., Direct OTT Release. However, the film has met with good reviews from the audience. Here’s our review for the film.


The good thing about Jiivi 2 is that they have managed to cast the same actors that were in the first one, right from the lead to even Saravanan’s love interest in the first one, everyone is exactly the same which is commendable. However, the casting for the film works and everyone’s done justice to their roles. I’d say the film does good when it comes to actors being believable and doing justice to the roles they were assigned.


The screenplay for the film has a lot of similarity with the first Jiivi movie because the story revolves like that too. There’s confusion about what’s even happening even if Sarvanan has some idea, its not until at the end of the second half lf, Saravanan goes to investigate himself like he did in the first one and then he gets some answers. This pattern has been repeated again in the sequel but in a different way that was quite interesting. The screenplay works to be honest and doesn’t let you stray away.


Music for the film is designed in a way that it doesn’t eat away the film. BGM for the film is quite decent and is apt for the scenes that are being performed. There’s not a lot of songs in the movie and that’s okay. There’s one at the beginning to just show some closeness between the newlyweds but it wasn’t necessary since it wasn’t a love marriage or anything.


The Director has definitely tried to make this one as interesting as the previous one and it works too but not as much as the previous one. Jiivi 2 also plays around with the idea of coincidence like the previous but does not add much to it other than the Triangle Theory but that seems to be a dead end.

The twists like Kumar’s (Kathir’s Friend who dies at a railway crossing) son killing the wife of the person who found gold at the end of the first movie is definitely an interesting take that was quite surprising and smart.

The writing for the movie was definitely on point at times but it did stray away in some places but that doesn’t mean that the movie is not good, it’s pretty decent and a well-made sequel.

Final Verdict – 3/5

This is a continuation of Jiivi (2019) so you might want to watch that first one before as a refresher if you don’t want to feel out of place when it starts. This is a well-made sequel and a decent movie if you feel like watching something totally different, watch this!



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