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Jiivi 2 Ending Explained | Aha

Jiivi 2 Ending Explained: Jiivi 2, a much-awaited Tamil Crime Thriller and a sequel to the blockbuster Jiivi (2019) directed by V.J Gopinath starring Vetri have been released on Aha recently and the mere plot of the film has been particularly interesting and confusing to many because this type of storylines are not much adapted into movies these days that the director has so flawlessly has incorporated and with finesse. The Ending of Jiivi 2 was quite interesting and below is our take.

Before Understanding the Ending, we need to understand the story of the movie and the characters

1). Saravanan (Lead) — Resembles Kathir (Stole Jewellery from Saravanan’s Zamindar Grandfather)

2). Mani (Saravanan’s Friend) – Resembles Kumar (Kathir’s Friend who dies at a railway crossing)

3). Saravanan’s Sister – Resembles Lakshmi (Kathir’s Sister who was the owner of the house Saravanan and Mani lived in the first movie)

Major Events of First and Second Movie (Combined) in series;

1). Kathir and Kumar steal from Saravanan’s Zamindar Grandfather and the innocent house servant is found guilty.

2). At the end of the movie, that innocent house servant’s son who has a wife and daughter find those jewels.

3). Hari and Kumar’s son Siva kill the man who found the jewels after befriending him and in that process, they kill his wife too making their daughter an orphan.

4). Hari takes the Gold and comes to Chennai with his grandmother where he meets Mani at his Tea Stall and then Saravanan.

5). Saravanan steals that Gold from Hari who gets killed by Kathir and other goons on the same night after he overhears them trying to sell Saravanan’s house property.

6). Police capture Kathir based on the evidence and then his secret family is revealed where he seems to have a daughter and a wife which turns out to be Saravanan’s love interest “Anandhi” in the first movie.

7). Siva and Kathir are in jail for murder and then Saravanan and Kavitha go to an orphanage to adopt the daughter of the man that Siva had killed.

Fun Fact In Between

1). Saravanan who had thought with the coincidence theory that his life was the same as Kathir was in love with Kathir’s daughter in the first movie who left him because he didn’t have a good earning job.

2). Saravanan stole the same Jewellery which was his ancestral jewelry from two different people in these two movies unknowingly.

If you look at it, both of these movies combined seem to be one circle because things connect and it feels complete but, in this case, it’s a triangular theory so it’s a triangle. In both of these movies combined, Saravanan stole the same Jewellery from two different people, and if that isn’t funny, IDK what is.

The ending also showed a Car, specifically a Mercedes that also has a triangular logo coming after Saravanan and Kavitha leave the orphanage but there’s not much that was shown.

The last scene was also interesting to see because Mani had been calling Saravanan to know what he’s going to do with the Jewels but Saravanan is not giving a proper answer and in the last scene he just smiles and cuts the call meaning he has something else planned for that and this time in such a way that it won’t be lost again and he won’t have to steal it from someone unknowingly to find out in the end that it was his ancestral jewelry all along.

There’s scope for a third one in the series but we do not know that officially and it is too early to make that speculation as well. For now, let us just enjoy the movie!


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