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Jiivi (2019) Tamil Movie Recap | Full Story Explained

Jiivi (2019) Tamil Movie Recap: Jiivi meaning Intelligent is a Tamil Thriller Crime Drama Movie that was released in 2019 it was a blockbuster for its unique storyline and thrilling plot, the audience was particularly excited when they got to know that its sequel is going to release this August 2022 but was also shocked to see that the makers went for a Direct OTT Release rather than a Theatrical Release.

However, the film has released on Aha and before we give you the review of Jiivi 2, we thought of giving a recap of what really happened in Jiivi (2019) so we’re up to date with the whole story.

Our main lead is Sarvanan who was a carefree guy and a hothead in his hometown but has to come to Chennai in search of a Job to provide for his family after his father gets sick. He now works and lives with his friend Mani in a rented apartment in a building. One day, after finding a key on the road they realize that it’s their owner’s cupboard key that has gold jewelry that they had kept as a dowry for their bling girl’s marriage.

Sarvanan, with his friend Mani, devise a plan to carry out a robbery in their house after the owner has left for her evening Pooja with her daughter and her bedridden husband is sleeping. Everything happens smoothly and Sarvanan is able to plant fake evidence for the police that traces them back to another tenant Ibrahim.

During this time, Mani’s father dies and he has to go to his town but when he comes back, he’s asked by the owner to meet and then she asks about his father and then with her guilty conscience tells her about her past that she eloped with a guy and because of that, his father died. Now, the real twist is that the same events have happened to Sarvanan’s family too. His sister had eloped with a guy that gave his father a heart attack and he died on his way to the hospital.

This similarity of events continues when the owner’s brother Kathir gets involved who has had the same incidents as Sarvanan and that makes things interesting. Saravanan realizes by some investigation that Kathir and his friend were also part of an investigation in a woodshop years ago in another town and they were found not guilty. Police have caught the house servant of the lower caste guilty of that crime.

Sarvanan who loves to read and is only interested in practical knowledge of things now realizes about a book that talks about the coincidence between descendants of two different families and they are related to the incidents that happen to them. In this case, Kathir and Saravanan seem to be having that relationship.

In order to break that, it needs to have a focal point that breaks that cycle. Sarvanan realizes after his investigation that he belongs to a Zamindar family from which Kathir stole the jewelry initially and now he did the same to his family.

In the end, we see that the owner’s girl slits her wrist, and Sarvanan unable to realize what that focal point can be offers to marry her so that this whole cycle stops. We also get to know that Kathir who was against that alliance stops when Sarvanan tells him about his past. Now, what’s remaining is the jewelry that is somewhere safe and Mani takes the receipt to get that but loses the jewelry on the bus.

The Jewellery ends up with the son of the house servant from the original theft case who was mistakenly found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. It all felt like a chain of incidents to bring justice to people that had been wronged by the world itself.

This is the recap of the first part of Jiivi and we hope you are caught up with it. Tell us what you think of the movie in the comments.



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