Brendan Fraser, who has not been seen (well physically) on the Silver Screen for quite some time other than his previous Robot role in DC’s Doom Patrol. For a beloved actor of millennials’ favorite movies, this new revelation about Brendan Fraser has all the fans hailing him once again. As we all know, Brendan’s new movie titled “The Whale” is about to release and is currently being screened at the Film Festivals.

Brendan’s performance in The Whale has been acclaimed and he will be getting Toronto International Film Festival also known as TIFF’s Tribute Award for his performance in the movie.

The film starts with Brendan along with Sadie Sink who is famous for her role in Stranger Things and Ty Simpkins. The Whale is about a 600 Pound father who is trying to reconnect with his daughter who he abandoned for his gay lover who dies after some time and the father, out of guilt goes on a binge-eating spree.

The film has felt like a comeback from Brendan who has been out of the Silver Screen for far too long and for the fans, his comeback for a movie that he seems to have brought his A-Game with, and getting an award is like a cherry on top.



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