Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Ending Explained: Treatment of Women all around us, is in dire need of reform, especially in a household and what better way is there to convey that message via a film that not only revolves around that but also feeds you the message with humor.

We’re talking about Vipin Das’s “Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey” which had released in the theatres and had just recently on the streaming platform “Hotstar”. Starring Basil Joseph along with Darshana Rajendran, it tells the story of Jaya who had always been controlled and manipulated by the men in her family and when they marry her off to Rajesh played by Basil who seems nice but is unable to control his anger and takes out his anger on either Jaya by slapping her or the furniture in the house.

Jaya, who had been snatched of what she wanted to do in her life has had enough and now decides to fight back and that starts a chain of events with a realization for both of them.

Rajesh is a nice person who has a reputation of an angry person as he doesn’t talk much and wants things in a certain way including breakfast which takes a hell of an effort by his mother. His mother knows how he is but lets it pass since he’s the breadwinner of the family.

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However, his occasional anger towards his wife and the same things that follow make Jaya contemplate her decision as she reaches out to her family to talk to Rajesh about this.

What Happens In The End? Does Rajesh Stop?

Jaya, who gets fed up of men trying to not give her equality and the freedom to make her choices lashes out by learning Karate inside the house from an app and when Rajesh comes to hit her, she hits him back hard. Rajesh who is taken aback by a dose of his own medicine also tries to learn Karate but is beaten again to the point that his mother and sister get to know about that.

After a discussion with his older brother, Rajesh devises a plan to get Jaya pregnant so all of her attention would be drawn towards the kid and she would lose whatever choices she wants to make and if after some time she wants to make her choices, Rajesh can get her pregnant again.

However, after she does get pregnant Jaya gets to know about this plan and with a betrayal from her husband and the stress of it all, she has a miscarriage. She refuses to be with Rajesh and even her parents who think that it’s her fault. She then moves to live in a woman’s accommodation to the point that she is suicidal.

In the end, we see both of them in the court filing for divorce where Jaya makes her claim that she does not have any freedom to make any choices to which Rajesh responds in a way that just supports Jaya’s claims. Jaya asks for 5 minutes to talk to Rajesh and then they can decide on the divorce.

She tells him that his farming business is not going well right now and she’s also doing the same thing, the only difference being she’s selling less than Rajesh’s farm meaning she’s ahead of him in the competition while she signs the divorce papers.

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The film ends with Jaya who has made her choices and is independent now and is running a poultry farming business now.



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