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The Teacher (Malayalam) Ending Explained | Netflix

The Teacher (Malayalam) Ending Explained: After a long wait, Amala Paul starrer Malayalam thriller film ‘The Teacher’ is now available to watch on Netflix, the film is doing decent on Netflix, There are many questions that are unanswered in the film and here we are going to tell you about the ending explanation of the film.

The film stars Amala Paul as Devika, Hakin Shajhan as Sujith (Devika’s Husband), Cemban Vindo as Mani, Prasanth Murli as Kevin, and Shajeer Basheer as Naveen in the main lead roles, The film is created, written and directed by Vivek, The film is around 1 Hour long and now available on Netflix in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada audio version along with the English subtitles.


Now coming to the story of the film, The story the film revolves around Devika who is a Sports teacher in a school, One fine morning when she wakes up, she realizes that he Ear rings are Missing, She also realizes that she has no memory of what happened yesterday when she goes to school, she gets some memory back and she realizes that something wrong has happened with her, In all between these When she checks about her Pregnancy she got pregnant, She is now in trauma that something wrong has happened with her and she tries to investigate the matter by her own.

She now remembers that, On sports day, at School’s Badminton Court, A Group of Boys assaulted her by giving her Drugs, She remembers the name of one of the boys, whose name was Naveen, Through Social Media Posts, she gets to know that Naveen’s Brother is getting married and she goes to Naveen’s House and asks about his Friends, Naveen now realizes that she is asking about the same incident and he calls his Friends and inform that their teacher Devika is looking for them, In all between these Devika manages to record the conversation and after listening to that she confirms that they had assaulted her by giving her Drugs.

The Teacher (Malayalam) Ending Explained

While Devika was investigating these things, Her husband Sujith gets to know about her pregnancy through a medical report that she was hiding from him, But Devika Tells him the truth and then Sujith asks Devika to abort to Child, Devika says that She wants to do a Police Complain but Sujith Doesn’t support her.

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Now, Devika goes to her Mother’s House and there she Plans to take revenge by herself, She took the help of some of her old relatives and finally manages to locate one of those Guys, A man named Mani was helping Devika with all these things. When she meets one of those Guys, she seduces the boy and asks her if they can Meet, The Boy agrees and they Plan to Meet at a Hotel.

The Ending

When Devika Reaches the Hotel, She found that all 4 Guys were there, and they start beating her, after a few minutes they ask her what she wants. Naveen deletes the footage and breaks the memory card where the Footage was stored and asked Devika to leave.

Instead of leaving, Devika Closed that Door, and starts beating all 4 Guys, Devika was a trained Martial Arts expert and she trashed those Guys badly, In all between these, Mani also reaches there he trashed those Guys too.

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At the end of the film, we get to see that Devika Breaks the relationship with Sujith and she also leaves those 4 Guys alive, Now here comes the question, Why she did do so?

Why She Left Sujith?

Coming to the First Question, Why She leaves Sujith? The answer is simple, She now got to know that he can’t take her stand when she needs him most, He is just like other men who consider the Male ego and fake Pride above everything. She said to Sujith that she has to know learned how to live alone and she will live with her Child.

Why did Devika Leave Those Guys Alive?

Now coming to another Question, why did she leave those Guys Alive, The Answer Is Simple, She wanted to teach them a lesson and she taught them too, Now she wants to set an example, as a teacher that she was there to make them a better person by correcting their mistakes and she is not a Killer.



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