Jagmohan Kumawat Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Jagmohan Kumawat Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Real Name, Image, Story

Jagmohan Kumawat Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Sunny Hinduja played the role of Jagmohan Kumawat in Netflix’s “The Railway Men” miniseries. Jagmohan Kumawat is a journalist in Bhopal who knew about MIC, the toxic gas that took away twenty-five thousand people’s lives. After learning about the gas, Jagmohan alerted the factory workers who worked at Union Carbide.

The factory was the source of income for most people, so they didn’t listen to Jagmohan. Jagmohan then wrote a lot of news articles and also letters to politicians. The politicians also neglected Jagmohan because they were being paid by Union Carbide to stay silent.

How did Jagmohan Kumawat find out about MIC Gas?

Jagmohan Kumawat met Imad Riaz, and Imad Riaz’s friend Mohammed Ansari worked in Union Carbide’s factory; he died after inhaling MIC Gas. In real life, it was journalist Jagmohan’s close friend Mohammed Ashraf who died due to the negligence of the factory manager. Ashraf told Jagmohan about the dangerous gas before he died due to it.

The factory manager asked Ashraf to check on a valve that had been closed for three years. Ashraf constantly asked the manager if the valve had any poisonous gas, which the manager denied. Ashraf opened the valve and breathed in the phosgene gas. Ashraf was taken to the hospital, where he died.

Who is Jagmohan Kumawat based on in real life?

Jagmohan Kumawat is based on the real-life journalist Rajkumar Keswani. Rajkumar Keswani wrote several articles on Union Carbide and about the gas before it claimed so many lives.

What happened to Rajkumar Keswani?

Rajkumar Keswani stayed in Bhopal after the tragedies. As the first to warn about Union Carbide, he was interviewed by many news channels and radio stations. Rajkumar Keswani received the Indian B.D. Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, becoming the youngest journalist to receive the award. Rajkumar Keswani died on May 21, 2021, due to Covid-19.


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