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The Railway Man Ending Explained: The final episode of the show starts with dead bodies all around Bhopal. Prasad manages to slow down the speed of the Bhopal Gorakhpur Express, but the train somehow reaches Bhopal Junction, and the passengers start coming out from the train.

There is panic all around as more and more people come out of the train. The goods train in which the passengers were there were attached to the main train, and the train left the station at its maximum capacity.

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On the other hand, Imad sees that the GM special train is also coming on the same track as the Gorakhpur train. He runs to change the track of the train to avoid the collision, but he falls to the ground and injures himself. The train leaves the station, and the Station Master is still there on the platform helping people. Balwant Yadav is also there on the platform, but he still has money on his mind.

Imad changes the tracks and avoids the collision between the two trains, but he falls and dies on the spot. The GM special train also applies the emergency brake and reaches the station with medical kits. Rajeshwari is asked to blame and put an inquiry on Rati Pandey, but she decides to leave the job and submits her resignation. On the other hand, Balwant Yadav takes all the money, and when the Railway officers arrive there to check the money, they find that the money is missing. Everyone thinks that it was the station master who ran away with the money. Balwant Yadav hears all this, and he puts the money back into the safe to save the image and reputation of the station master.

In the next frame, we see that ‘Iftekar Siddiqui’s body is lying on the graveyard ground, and his son is looking for him. When he is about to be cremated, all of a sudden, he wakes up. He is in an unstable condition, but his son consoles him, and then he gets back to normal, and the episode ends here.

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The show ends with a harsh reality as we see that nothing happens to the company owners and authorities, and the affected people and the widows of the dead workers of the company are still suffering.

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