Joker’s tremendous success, with the audience & critics, has not made the news of the sequel confirmation massive news but even the casting by Todd Phillips is getting rave attention from people. With Joaquin Phoenix continuing the role of Joker, an addition of Lady Gaga for the role of Harley Quinn has made gone crazy.

The newest addition to the film is Jacob Lofland who is famous for his role as Aris in The Maze Runner film and Mud (2012). It has been reported that Jacob will be playing the role of an inmate in Arkham Asylum Inmate.

If we think about it, this role might be big because, at the end of Joker, we saw that Joker had inspired a riot and for that, he might be imprisoned in Arkham Asylum where he will meet Harley Quinn and also, Jacob’s character. This might be a big role or maybe someone we already know from DC but this is not clear as of now.

Joker 2 is scheduled to release in October 2024. While that is a very long wait for a film that is some of the most awaited sequels, it is going to be well worth the wait.



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