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NEW DCU’s Green Lantern Animated Movie released on BlueRay

In the time when we’re seeing Walt Disney going full berserk in terms of content, we’re actually seeing quality content in the queue from DC Universe and one thing DC has been consistent is with its animated movies in which domain, they are not new and actually have a lot of experience as well.

Talking about The DC Universe, a new Green Lantern movie just released on BluRay and it looks badass from the trailer itself. The animated movie is titled “Green Lantern: Beware My Power” is about a discharged soldier John Stewart who after finding a crashed spaceship is chosen by an extra-terrestrial ring that grants him the powers of the Green Lanterns.

The movie is nothing new in the Universe we already know and are familiar with, thanks to those old DC Movies and of course, the Ryan Reynolds one which failed harshly at the box office. We come across a lot of versions about just one superhero that has some added touch from the writer or the director and in some ways, some are better than that others and that is why the films are being remade.

It’s like The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale is different from The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, the stories are the same but the presentations are different and if shown in a different way, we will like it. That’s the formula, which the Green Lantern director has used and so far we like it.

The movie gives off a badass feeling and for that, it feels like a good watch. The movie is out on BluRay and Digitally on Amazon Prime Video on Preorder.


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