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‘Izzy’ Love Is Blind : Instagram, Age, All Details | Season 5

‘Izzy’ Love Is Blind : Izzy is one of the male contestants in Love is Blind who wants to try his luck on love by participating in this show. Izzy tried his luck before participating in this reality show, but like everyone else he also failed in it, that’s why he is in this pod.

Izzy is just 31 years old and he has been going to two or three dates every week for the past 1 Year, but was unsuccessful. Izzy loves playing beach volleyball and going to the gym every day.

And, he wants a girl who can also go with him to beach volleyball and gym, so if you are a lazy girl who doesn’t like going to the gym then you are not for Izzy, but if you are an athletic girl then you already won Izzy’s heart. If the athletic girl has blond hair and beautiful eyes then it’s a plus. Aside from this, Izzy wants a girl who is very good at communicating and open-minded.

Izzy’s full name is Izzy Zapata and like half of Love is Blind contestants Izzy is based in Houston. Izzy works as a salesperson. He has a total of 11k+ Followers on Instagram, and he is also on TikTok. You can follow him by clicking the link below.




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