‘Ishura’ Episode 3 Release Date: Disney Plus Hotstar presents a twelve-episodic dark fantasy anime “Ishura,” which is based on the popular manga of the same name. Two episodes of “Ishura” are currently streaming on the platform in the Japanese language with subtitles.

In this article, we are going to discuss when the next episode of “Ishura” will come. So, we are going to discuss it.

But before starting the discussion, let’s have a quick recap of the story. After the Demon King died, some powerful heroes around the world come together to prove themselves.

After watching Yuno & Soujirou, this episode started with a new city named Lithia, where General “Taren” is living his life. Taren is actually a self-proclaimed Demon King. On the other hand, Aureatia wants to destroy this city. So, they try to assassinate the city. However, their next plan isn’t discussed in this episode. But we saw Harghent, who is a powerful general, went to Tileet Ravine to kill down the mighty giant dragon named Vikeon. But Vikeon is so powerful & big that no one could defeat him.

At this point, “Alus: The Star Runner” entered into this journey. Alus is actually a wyvern who is powerful & stronger than any other wyvern. He is popular because of collecting legendary weapons & items. He can also use word arts. He never shows mercy to anyone except Harghent. After meeting, lastly, Alus said to Harghent that he has to bring “something” from the city of Nagan. What is this? & How is it going to work? In this peak point, episode 2 ended.

Now, we are really curious about the next episode because we have to know what will happen next. So, the next episode of “Ishura” will come out next week.

On 17th January, the next episode, meaning the third episode, will release on Disney Plus Hotstar at 7:30 pm.

Until then, you can watch two episodes of “Ishura,” which are currently streaming on the platform in the Japanese language along with subtitles.

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