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Isabelle In Love Is Blind Sweden: Love is blind is back But This time the location is Sweden, it was scheduled by Netflix That they would release Love is blind UK First But due to some difficulties They are releasing The Sweden One Now, we have seen Multiple Seasons Of Love is blind Brazil And Love Is Blind Japan Now We will tell you more about Sweden.

Just like previously told you about The Participants of the show, The rules are simple there is no change, 32 Participants will be Getting a chance to get their Life partner But they won’t be able to see them, They all are coming solo inside The show but at the end, Some Couples will be made.

Now We’re telling You about contestant Isabelle

Isabelle Is 27 years old assistant Nurse and She’s also a PA (Personal Assistant) She Usually Goes to her work And Comes back home During her hectic work life she needs to make a balance Whenever she comes home Someone will be there for her To take care of her. Will Isabelle be able to get her partner?

Her Instagram Id is @isabellesbergman

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