Nina In Love Is Blind Sweden: Love Is Blind Sweden Streaming Globally On Netflix, The way Netflix is releasing Reality shows frequently is unmatchable for any other ott giant, This reality shows follows a different concept Than other reality shows, After love is blind we’re going to witness Love Is Blind UK Soon Probably By the end of this year, Netflix also posted Teasers of love is blind uk.

32 singles will be a part of this show, they have to find their love but the condition is They won’t be able to see their partners when they will meet their Partners Before that they will be only able to communicate with them, Both sides the person will be blindfolded on their eyes.

Now we’ll be telling you about the contestants of the show.

Talking About Contestant Nina

Nina Is A Multitasker, She’s 31 years old, she’s a Destination manager And she’s also an Artist. She Loves to travel to different locations For her work she needs a partner for that. With her partner, she can go and travel to multiple places.

Her Instagram id is @ninalaurine

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