Is Roger Kaplan Real The Watcher?: The Watcher, just a week after its release has baffled the viewers about the show and particularly because it is based on a real story of the Broaddus Family, this has gotten a whole lot of traction since it checks all the right boxes but one what makes it so engaging is the mystery behind it all that we do not know who the watcher is?.

there are theories and there are speculations about who could be and one of them is Roger Kaplan whom we see at the start but then later get to know more about him.

Roger Kaplan is whom we first see in the first Episode during the Open House where the Brannocks come to check out the house where Roger passes them on the stairs. After that, in Episode 5 when the Brannocks are terrified of the letters they’ve been getting from The Watcher, in their investigation they find out that their neighbor got the same letter but with a bit less intensity and with the help of their daughter Ellie & Theodora, the PI they find out about Roger Kaplan who is an English Teacher & an architecture enthusiast.

Digging inside more, Theodora finds out more about Roger and finds out that he had given an assignment to his students to write words about a house that they loved and make two copies of it, giving one to Kaplan and keeping one in the mail of that specific house. Pearl also reveals that she had received a letter that mentioned how her house is different from the rest.

Theodora develops a keen interest in Kaplan suspecting him to be the Watcher so they reach out to Kaplan’s Ex-Wife whom he had left for his student Miko.

Theodora also takes Dean & Nora to a house that received multiple letters from Kaplan himself which are supposedly dark and intense which makes their case quite strong against Kaplan so they confront him about it to which Kaplan accepts his weird obsession with the house but also tells him about his childhood that he has good memories of that house that is why he was at the open house.

He also reveals that his interest in the house is only aesthetic and although he wants to live in a house like that, he can’t afford it.


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