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Is Prey (2022) is related to Predator (1987)? How?

Is Prey (2022) is related to Predator (1987)? How?: HULU’s prequel for the long-standing franchise Predator has been released and much to its surprise, it actually is a well-deserved prequel to a franchise that somehow, we had forgotten since the last Predator sequel was released in 2010.

However, late as it is the movie showed us a different world before the events of Predator in 1987 and it was cinematically pretty and culturally to the point as well. The movie kept its roots in the Comanche tribe by casting actors that are Native American with also dubbing it in Comanche as well with the screenplay and acting to the point, making it a good watch.

The events of Prey have happened long before the events of Predator and the thing is, the Predator or the alien species that are present in Prey had been killed by Nara so what did we see in Arnold’s Predator? Our theory is, as mentioned in Prey these alien species are coming to Earth to find an apex predator that can challenge them.

They come from another planet or universe and after choosing one of their challengers that will win over a planet for them and help take over first, they need to kill the apex predator of that specific planet. So, we see the spaceship that came in Prey and dropped the alien predator to find a challenger on Earth and kill.

Now, after the Predator in Prey had been killed the alien species might have realized that the Earth is not backing down or they have won so they send another one in Predator (1987) that Arnold also kills so they keep sending Predators to win over Earth and that’s ongoing.



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