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Call Of The Night Episode 6 Release Date, What Next Story?

Call Of The Night Episode 6 : LIDENFILMS Call Of The Night, also known as Yofukashi no Uta is on fire since the anime is winning hearts and is one of the top anime this season. The Anime has been packed with peppy Opening and Ending by Creepy Nutz. The animation and comedic elements of the anime make it interesting throughout its runtime.

5th Episode of the anime had released recently that focussed on Nanakusa’s work life, how she earns and lives the life like that. Turns out, she’s a cuddle buddy and also drinks the blood of her clients after they’re asleep.

5th Episode was also a good story development into the romantic venture of Yamori and Nanakusa doesn’t seem to mind anymore when he says something regarding falling in love with her.

She seems to be seducing him for that reason as we saw in the ending of the episode that he’s being lured by Nanakusa to work for a kiss and that’s where the Episode ends. The next Episode i.e., the 6th Episode is set to take it from that point and also show more of the client that arrived in Episode 5.

The 6th Episode of the anime is set to release on 11th August 2022 on Fuji TV in Japan and is available to stream on HIDIVE.



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