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Carlo Bonomi Death: Pingu Voice Actor Dies at 85

There are a lot of TV Shows from our childhood that when you grow up give you a sense of relief and a temporary escape from reality. For Millennials, there are quite a few because it was considered a golden age for cartoons and stop motion animation.

One of those shows was Pingu which focused on a Penguin that lived with his family and his daily adventures. Shot as shorts of less than 10 minutes, the series is long loved by animation fans and especially Millennials.

The special thing about Pingu was that it didn’t have dialogues, all it had was Penguins trying to communicate in gibberish and that particular gibberish was really nice, nice that you do not forget after you hear it once.

All that credit goes to Carlo Bonomi who was the Voice actor for Pingu and sadly, he passed away aged 85 on August 6, 2022. The cause of his death is still unknown but we know that he died in Milan, Italy. Famous for his work in Pingu and La Linea which was a very famous animated show in Italy.

Carlo Bonomi’s funeral details have not been released yet but it is a sad day for all Pingu fans as they lost someone who made their childhood a little bright in the darkest corners.


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