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Prey Movie Review: A Worthy Prequel That Keeps You Gripped

Prey Hulu Movie Review: In the age of sequels and remakes, we’re met by a prequel this time to the superhit franchise Predator titled “Prey” which goes before the events of Arnold’s Predator released in 1987 and tells the story about a female Comanche warrior who defends her tribe from an alien predator that is hunting humans for sport.

The film is about much more than this though, being led by a female warrior in a franchise that was male-dominated before, the film has come off as a gripping thriller that deserves its spot in the franchise. Here’s our review of the movie

The Lead actress Amber Midthunder is a Native American and casting her in a role like that was a very good decision from the casting director. However, you won’t see any of the famous or commercial cast in this movie but depending on the plot of the film, it’s not that necessary though. However, the emotion and the little drama were part of the lead actress and that has been portrayed adequately.

The film is strong in the screenplay, its quite easy to follow through but there are some scenes where you might want to glue your eyes to the screen because when the female warrior Naru is understanding the movements and the weapon workings but the thing is, the film grips you throughout so there’s little room for distraction. With a runtime of just 100 minutes, the film does not feel dragged on.

The film is awfully pretty in the scenes and shot places. Since it focuses on a tribe, we see mostly wilderness and that’s very beautifully shot. Other than that, when we see the mayhem Predator has done, those scenes have been shot nicely. VFX used is quite nice to see in the film too.

Coming from the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane which was beautifully done, this does not fall short. The film feels like a win with no big stars in it and keeps you engaged throughout the runtime. There are some scenes that might distract you but it does pull you back after a couple of minutes. All in all, the film is a good watch.

Final Words: This is a brave attempt in remembrance of the Predator series and if you’ve been a fan of that series, you might want to check this out. The story has been spun around from a different perspective, this time with a female lead which is a questionable choice does seem to work in its favor. Do check out the film on HULU.

Final Verdict: 3/5


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