Is Daemon & Rhaenyra A Couple: House Of The Dragon is riding the viewership charts with each episode released every week like the Dragonriders we see in the show?

The latest Episode titled “King Of The Narrow Sea” has been released on the streaming giant HBO and well, it once again reminds us why we would watch anything related to Game Of Thrones when we’re alone and alert that there isn’t anyone that can eavesdrop.

The Episode started off with a tour that The King himself had organized for Rhaenyra so she could go and meet the prospective matches for her hand and Rhaenyra seemed to be not enjoying that and ends the tour 2 months early and goes back to the King’s Landing where she finds that Daemon, his uncle has also arrived and is received well by the King after he bows to him as The King of The Narrow Sea. Rhaenyra is given cold treatment from The King for well-deserved reasons and she finds that everyone is focused on Daemon.

Followed by Daemon taking Rhaenyra to see the kingdom and then taking her to a pleasure house, both of them start to make out but stop after some time but Rhaenyra keeps making the effort but in vain and Daemon leaves her with her clothes off and Rhaenyra after coming back to her room in the palace has sex with Ser Criston Cole which we had quite guessed before, seeing their chemistry.

The real twist of the Episode came in three parts where Rhaenyra swears upon her dead mother that Daemon never touched her which in fact is a lie.

So, that makes her a liar. The second twist came where Daemon’s true intentions came out when he was confronted by The King, he asks for Rhaenyra’s hand since everyone believes that if she’s not a virgin or a maiden anymore, no King would take her as his wife so Daemon asks for that but is refused by the King and asked to go back.

The third twist came when King takes off the Hand’s badge of honor making him powerless and snatching the second most powerful position in the realm from Otto Hightower.

There are quite some things going on in the Episode and also in House Of The Dragon and there’s more coming in the Upcoming Episodes.



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