“House Of The Dragon” is back again, this week with another episode filled with action and more drama. Last week’s episode ended with a twist when Viserys chose to marry Lady Alicent instead of the one that was proposed by Lord Corlys and his cousin “The Queen Who Never Was”. This Episode has fast-forwarded to 2 years where there are a lot of advancements and Rhaenyra has grown bitter.

The Episode started off with 2 years in the Future during the ceremony of Aegon’s Second Name Day who is the son of Viserys and Lady Alicent who is now The Queen. During this time, Daemon along with House Velaryon have been in war at The Stepstones and it’s still going on with the threat of the dragons growing less by the day since there are caves to be hiding into.

There’s also Rhaenyra who does not talk to Queen Alicent much because she feels betrayed and is also cross with her father, The King because she feels that she’ll be replaced as the Heir of The Kingdom soon since the Kingdom has a male heir now. She gets angrier when she finds Jason Lannister approaching her to wed her and confronts Viserys and both of them end up having a heated argument in front of the whole audience to be stopped by The Hand.

She then runs off to the forest followed by Ser Criston Cole. Not agreeing to come back to the camp, both of them spend the night in the forest where a wild boar attacks them and Rhaenyra kills it.

While Rhaenyra is out in the forest during the night, Viserys is approached by The Hand proposing a marriage proposal between Aegon, the two years old son of Viserys and Rhaenyra for which the King returns that proposal with ridicule. In the morning Rhaenyra returns to the camp with blood on her face and hair with everyone looking at her and giving her confirmation.

Queen’s father, The King visits her to persuade them so she could inspire the King to name Aegon as the King and during the night before, Viserys when drunk tells The Queen about his dream long ago that he was to have a male heir who would rule the seven kingdoms but in an inability to do so had him a question that and he named Rhaenyra The Heir because there was no choice.

Now, in his discussion with Rhaenyra after she arrives from the forest, he assures her two things, first is that she is free to choose whom she wants to marry, and second, she will not be replaced as the Heir of the Kingdom.

This is not all that happened, before Rhaenyra came to visit the King he sent his ships to air the war going on between Daemon, House Velaryon & The Stepstones for which Daemon returns by beating up the Messenger and makes a plan in which he poses as if he’s surrendering and then attacking, giving time for the House Valeryon’s army to come and aid him after along with the Dragon as well. Well, before the ships came from King’s Landing Daemon had killed The Crabfeeder and the war is won.

The Episode ended with Daemon coming out of the cave with half of The Crabfeeder’s Upper Half Body.

House Of The Dragon is getting a whole lot interesting, now that she’s come of age so that means she’s going to be married but with whom, that’s the question. If you’ve read the books, you already know and that was teased in Episode 3 as well. Well, guess that’s something to be revealed in the upcoming Episodes.


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