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Brahmastra Theories: Here Are Some Fans & Our Theories Of Part 1

Brahmastra Theories: Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva has released in the theatres and in the end, it gave us a lot of questions about the second part which was teased at the end of the film, and why not, for a film of 3 parts it was surely going to be there.

With no definite time on when Brahmastra Part 2: Dev will be released, it is time to let our creative minds run and come up with crazy fan theories that may or may not come true when it is time. Here are some of our fan theories for Brahmastra

Amrita (Mother of Shiva) Isn’t Dead

In memories of Shiva, we saw that his mother had died in a fire in his childhood when he was 1, everything succumbed to the fire instead of him since fire does not hurt him but his mother Amrita also should not get hurt since she’s the Jalastra right? And if you look closely, when the fire’s burning, she’s just standing and not making a noise like a normal LIVE person would if he’s burning in a fire.

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Another reason to believe that is, that this role is to be done by Deepika and it was in the news that Ayan had reached out to Ranveer & Deepika for casting if that were true, means that we’ll see them in Part 2 which is next so that wouldn’t mean that she’s dead right?

Shiva Has The Elemental Power Of Water As Well

For a kid to inherit the powers of his parent is normal in a Superhero Universe but when we’re talking about two opposite powers, Water & Fire which cancel each other out it would be very interesting to see Shiva having both powers and not finding a balance between both.

Given Dev, his father is the main antagonist of the next part, Shiva is going to very much need the power of Water and this might be some power that he has yet not realized but we’re quite sure of this.

Jalastra In Brahmastra

Isha is also an Astra

This might seem a little far-fetched because most of the time, Isha was like that girl who instantly fell in love with Shiva and went along with him in his journey endangering her life but if you look closely when both of them touch the piece of Brahmastra, it glows.

Now, the Brahmastra is not a normal Astra and it has been sworn to protect by the members of Brahmansh meaning those who wield the powers of the Astras. Or it could be due to the strong love between them but the first reason has weight here.

Amrita Did Not Kill Dev Entirely

Guru Arvind when narrating the story of his parents to Shiva said that a battle took place on an island where his parents Amrita and Dev fought and Amrita won in that battle and Dev was dead but do you think it wouldn’t be difficult for Amrita to kill his husband? No matter how evil he is, it would be tremendously difficult to do so and that too, Dev was a wielder of Angiyastra along with 5 more Astras.

What Amrita could have done is weakened Dev to a point where he couldn’t fight and trap him in a place or form where he could not escape unless he had some outside help. If you think about it, the battle took place on an island, but Dev’s statue is somewhere else, not in an Ocean. It must have been put there by Amrita so that he could not escape trapping him with a mantra or a powerful ritual.

Vanarastra In Brahmastra

Dev Is Not Aware That He Has A Child

Given the battle that happened between Amrita & Dev, if Dev had known that she is with a child he wouldn’t have battled her making him in the dark that he has a child Shiva that wields the same power as him. However, if he is aware of his child and continues to fight for his ambition, then he will be unstoppable since his own blood isn’t enough to stop him. We’ll know more about that in the next part when we see Dev.

So these were some theories that we think are Possible?, what do you think? Please Drop Your theories in the Comments and if we like it we may publish and update it here with Your name.

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