Iron Reign Season 2 Release Date: Netflix presents a Spanish crime thriller an episodic series “Iron Reign”. The story revolves around the Manchado family where Joaquin Manchado and his family control a port in Barcelona. Many ships and cargoes pass through this port.

Joaquin Manchado and his family use their power to use the port to allow the drug containers coming to the port a safe exit to the country. When greed inside the family increases it complicates the situation worse.

Netflix produced and released this series. This series is an addition to their Spanish drug mafia crime thriller series. As we know Netflix releases their series in a way that can be easily continued to the next season. They even made a series that did not have much content for the next season but for the viewers, they added another season. Not just one they used to do a lot of seasons if the series has fans.

As for this series, they started in a very normal way and then shifted to a thriller plot. Joaquin Manchado controlled the entire port with his power and the fear of others on him. A new consignment came to the port with a huge amount of drugs that had too much demand outside.

Joaquin Manchado made it sure that everything went perfectly as he planned. He is a very strict and dangerous person who never fails on his missions or dreams. Joaquin Manchado goes to any extent to make the drug cargo exchange happen.

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But the czar’s mail was stolen from their port without Joaquin Manchado or others knowing. Joaquin Manchado gets a video and call showing the stolen goods, but it was a trap to kill him. Joaquin Manchado was attacked inside the port and went unconscious at the hospital for some time. Victor an undercover cop infiltrated as a worker in port and tried to get information.

Things went sideways when the dealers got angry about the missing drugs. The whole gets in huge trouble after that. Joaquin Manchado’s brother and Joaquin Manchado’s son fought each other over a misunderstanding and killed each other. Mike the sergeant got killed while fighting for the drugs. The other undercover agent a girl who worked in the port got tortured and killed by Mike.

Nestor’s kid got kidnapped by dealers for blackmailing on drugs. Later Victor and Nestor’s wife tried their ways to find the drugs and thus save her kid. Apparently, Sandra was not only her but also Victor’s daughter. She was not Nestor’s daughter. Nestor is homosexual. At the end of season one the man behind the stealing of drugs from port is unveiled which is Nestor himself with Mike’s help. Nestor was acting all the time in front of everyone.

The series ended in a way that Victor got close to Nestor’s wife. Victor and Nestor’s wife got to know that Nestor was behind all this. In the end, Joaquin Manchado had an improvement on his body, he upped his fingers at the end of the episode. Since Joaquin Manchado’s condition had a change at the end of the season one is a good sign for the next season.

Netflix has not announced their plans to renew this series for another season yet. As the series is just released the reviews or viewers are slowly coming. They will analyse the need for another season with the users’ viewing data and the requests of fans.

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Hopefully, if all goes well we can expect another season for this show, the series ended as an opening to another season. Let’s see what they are planning in the coming days.



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