Inside Man Episode 2 Ending Explained: Steven Moffat’s “Inside Man” has released the second Episode of its 4-part British TV Show that tells the intertwined stories of 4 people that live nowhere near each other but are somehow connected.

It stars a stellar cast of David Tennant, Stanley Tucci & Lydia West. The First Episode of the series released on 27th September 2022 on BBC One and the rest of the Episodes will be released in a daily format.

The second Episode started off from where it left off, in the first one when Beth came to The US for the interview of Mr. Grieff who is on Death Row for murdering his own wife and now takes cases from inside prison about unusually mysterious circumstances which are kind of silly when you think about it. Well, other than that, Vicar seems to have his whole life upended when Janice is playing with both him and his wife’s intentions.

It isn’t until a futile attempt to get Edgar to confess about the pedophilic nature himself and record it that he realizes that as Vicar he needs to give people another chance to redeem themselves so instead, he asks Edgar to copy the pedophilic content on his laptop and hide it somewhere so it looks like its kept hidden from the normal eye.

In the end, after saving Edgar and getting his wife angry, Edgar commits suicide and the aftermath of that will be uncovered in Episode 3 which will air on 28th September 2022 on BBC One at 9:00 PM.



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