Idak: The Goat Zee5: Zee 5 has been there for regional films since the beginning and now they are continuing there good deed of giving the extremely beautiful and acclaimed films a platform to showcase themselves to a much larger audience. They have been releasing old and new movies from different languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and many others.

One such movie which is being given a digital world premiere by Zee 5 is the 2017’s acclaimed Marathi movie named Idak. The movie was showered with positive reviews by everyone and now it is time to watch the film.


Namya’s Mother wants a goat and this is because a goddess came into her dream and asked for a sacrifice of a goat that will help them in their life. Namya’s Mother tells Namya about this but Namya does not have any money. After many difficulties in his path, he obtains a goat and with his mother decides to go to the place where the goddess told them to go. Little does Namya know that this journey is going to change his life.


The movie stars Sandeep Pathak, Usha Naik, Kishore Kadam, and others

Release Date

The movie is going to release on Zee 5 on 21st August 2020, the movie would be available in Marathi audio along with the English Subtitles.


The official trailer of the movie was released by Zee5 on 16th August 2020, the trailer look interesting and getting lots of approciation, hope the movie would do the same, if you havn’t seen the trailer yet, Have a look at it.

This was all about the IDK Marathi Movie, are you going to watch it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on web and digital contents, saty tuned with us.


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