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The Hidden Strike Review: It’s A Joke

The Hidden Strike Movie Review:The first original movie of Shemaroo Me ‘My Client’s Wife‘ was a masterpiece and I was expecting more from them, today another movie The Hidden Strike released on the platform, and here I am going to review the movie.

The movie stars a new bunch of actors mostly from the Mir Sarwar, Jimmy Sharma and many other, the movie also stars Deep Raj Rana in the main lead role, he was last seen in the movies like Saheb Biwi or Gangster, the movie is directed by Suzad Iqbal Khan and written by Avinash singh. Let’s jump to the review.

The Hidden Strike Review

  • Name Of The Movie: The Hidden Strike
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Release Date: 15th August 2020
  • Platform: Shemaroo Me
  • Star Cast: Deep Raj Rana, Jimmy Sharma & More
  • Rating: 0.5/5
  • One Word Review: CRAP
  • Recommended: Never


After the blockbuster URI, makers, and producers are spending huge money on movies based on real-life wars and strikes, a few days back Sony Liv original web series Avrodh was released and now this movie, The Hidden Strike is also based on Uri Surgical Strike, it is about the revenge of Indian Army, but the way, it is presented, trust me, even a Bhojpuri or lowest grade regional movie would look better than this, the story is pathetic, even a ULLU original web series has a better story, direction, and plot than this whole movie, I can’t explain how bad it is, the way terrorist fire on Indian Army, the way Indian Army strike on them, the story, the locations, and the VFX, OMG, It is the worst movie that I had ever seen in my life.


Everyone from the movie, I repeat everyone sucks, there is not even single good acting or expression in the movie, the movie is just blundered in terms of performances, even a talented actor like Deep Raj Rana has performed so badly, that you would laugh at their actions in every dialogue.

Before watching the movie, I saw the review on a famous youtube channel, where the anchor was saying that this movie is a slap on Nepotism, but trust me, the acting is so horrible that You would prefer Nepotism over this.


There can’t be anything worse than this, I am going with the 0.5 stars out of 5 for the movie, I had seen few Bhojpuri movies when I was a kid, and trust me, they were a lot better than this, this movie is just crap and better to avoid it. If you still want to faint, You can watch the movie on Shemaroo Me.

This was all about The Hidden Strike Review, for more posts like this on reviews and news related to web and digital contents stay tuned with us.


  1. Ur review is it self a shit streaming due hello just generate some follower then jugde films it’s not a deal for u just folcus on channel and its growth

    • we are no. 1 ott news website already with over 10Lakhs+ Read Per month, focus on making good films, rather than, commenting here

  2. Perfect review.Never seen such a bakwas before.After watching the top class movie ‘Uri- the surgical strike’ who can bear this bullshit movie,pathetic direction and expression less acting.😟😟

  3. Very true said, I completely agree with your review that it’s the worst movie i have ever seen,
    After watching that movie i started searching the name of director and story writer on google to tell them that even their interns can make better movie then this🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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