How Much Cocaine Did Cocaine Bear Eat?: Cocaine Bear, an American Action Comedy Black Thriller has been released in the theatres it is based on the true events of 1985 when a black bear ingested a large amount of cocaine and well, didn’t end well for that bear but in film, It doesn’t end well for the people that come to retrieve the cocaine.

However, if we start comparing the film with the real events, here are some things that are worth mentioning, specifically how much cocaine did the Black Bear ingest??

How Much Cocaine Did Cocaine Bear Ingest or Eat?

In reality, the Black Bear was found dead and the investigation showed that the bear has ingested around 75 pounds of cocaine which is worth $2M in 1985. With no casualties reported by the high-on-cocaine Bear in 1985, the film takes a dramatic turn where it’s not clear how much cocaine the Bear actually ingests because from the start to the end, it just keeps on ingesting it and trying to find it like Indiana Jones.

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Right from the start, we see that the Bear had ingested the whole bag of cocaine which contained at least 10 plastic bags of cocaine and there are plenty of other bags in the forest so we conclude that there isn’t a fixed amount of cocaine the Bear in the film ingests, but it’s a very very big number.

Cocaine Bear is currently playing in the theatres near you. It is one hell of a ride and a visual treat.



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