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Cocaine Bear Movie Ending Explained: What Happens To Cocaine Bear?

Cocaine Bear Movie Ending Explained: Cocaine Bear, an American Black Comedy Thriller Film (I KNOW! Lots of genres) has made its way to the theatres which has been directed and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks who made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2 (2015).

It tells a story about a black bear that ingests cocaine dropped by the drug smugglers into the forest and following that, developing a taste for it, it goes on a bloody rampage killing people and getting more cocaine. Here’s the ending of the film if you’re interested in how it ends

 What Happens To The High-On Cocaine Bear?

After a Black Bear, an Apex Predator becomes high on a large amount of cocaine and goes on a bloody rampage, tearing apart limbs of the people that come before him, all it takes place in the Chattahoochee National Forest where we’re met by different people who end up in the forest due to their circumstances.

Keri Russell plays Sari, a single mother who is there to find her teenage daughter Dee Dee who skips school to go to the forest to paint the waterfall with her friend Henry. Henry and Dee Dee are attacked by the bear where Henry somehow escapes and the bear takes Dee Dee to its cave. Sari is in the search of her daughter after finding Henry.

O’Shea Jackson and Alden Ehrenreich play Daveed and Eddie respectively who have been assigned to retrieve the cocaine bags from the forest after they were dumped into the forest. They were assigned to retrieve them by Eddie’s father Sydney played by Ray Liotta who’s a bigshot drug smuggler. Eddie is in mourning after the loss of her wife Joan and both of them end up in the forest to retrieve the cocaine.

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After the bear kills a bunch of people, everyone alive ends up meeting at the bear’s cave where they come to a dead end near the waterfall. Sydney knows that the bear is high on cocaine but taking advantage of the bear’s absence, he tries to retrieve the cocaine and finds one bag hanging above on a dead branch then he finds little bear cubs also high on cocaine who are now coming up to him because he has more cocaine. After beating up those bear cubs, the mama bear arrives and Sydney shoots her but then she wakes up after a cocaine bag busts and ends up in her system killing Sydney while the others have already made their way out by jumping into the river.

Sari, Dee Dee, Henry, Eddie, Daveed, and Reba come out alive and the Bear now has all the forest and the cocaine in it within its control. The film ends up with another hiking couple shooting the Bear playing with her cubs but then find the Bear looking exactly at them and they get alarmed and make their way out.

Cocaine Bear is currently playing in the theatres near you.



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