How Many Women Did Frank Internally Breed: Barbarian has been released on HBO Max and it has been getting good reviews for its unique portrayal of human internal malice and how the title not just focuses on what we see, the deformity on the outside but the internal deformity as well. The film shows the savagery of human nature and how we see it in different forms across different people we come across in the movie.

However, the real Barbarian of the film is Frank, who’s the one who started all of this by kidnapping women and then holding them captive and then breeding them and then breeding their babies and then making babies with their babies, repeating the process and also recording those videos of him in the process.

It is obviously the most savage nature out of all we saw in the film and for the viewers who judge the severity of the crime with respect to the number of victims, the audience might be curious about how many women Frank took captive and raped them. Well, we’ve got you covered in that part.

Well, in total, from the tapes we saw in Frank’s room in the tunnel when AJ finds him there’s a total of 38 tapes in the shelf and 2 in front of the TV, and 1 in the player making it a total of 41 Tapes and that’s only the women he took captive and raped them.

However, from what we understood, Frank used to make babies with the babies which means that he only let the girls live and if it were a boy, he’d kill them and leave with only girls.

It is also indicative that he only shot the video of himself with the women he took captive and not the girls they had given birth to otherwise we’d have far more tapes than just 41. Given the long tunnel we see inside the basement, it’s quite possible that Frank killed the women after they were of no use to him or they committed suicide, like that one tape we see which was labeled “Suicide” and buried them somewhere in that tunnel itself.

Barbarian is quite the watch and it’s available to stream on HBO Max.



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