Does Tess Make It Out Alive?: Zach Cregger’s Barbarian, after ruling the box office with great reviews and started streaming on HBO Max now and the film is, well it sticks to its title by showing us a great plot to resemble what we call a Barbarian but not only that, it also hides in it a satire on the movie industry as of now where allegations regarding sexual harassment are coming out as wildfire.

The second story of AJ Gilbride follows that specific story which we’ll get in detail later but if you’ve not watched the film by now, you must be curious from the trailer whether Tess, the girl who finds her AirBnB double booked with Keith makes it out alive or not.

Tess, who is in Detroit for a job interview for the position of a Documentary Research finds herself in an AirBnB double booked with Keith played by Bill Skarsgard who invites Tess in to stay the night since it pouring outside and the neighborhood doesn’t quite give a great aura as well.

What Tess finds is a basement with a room that has a bed and a camera to shoot whatever happens there, not only that she also finds a tunnel when Keith, goes to check and doesn’t come back. Tess finds Keith after following her to that tunnel after she hears his cries for help only to find Keith’s head smashed into the wall repeatedly until it turns to mush by a very tall, naked woman.

Does Tess Make It Out Alive?

Well, she does. She does make it out alive of the basement when that tall monstrosity of a woman is chasing her only to go back inside to save AJ who is still inside in the hands of that woman. She goes in at night after a warning by a person who is familiar with what that woman is and hits the woman with her car and goes inside to save AJ who finds Frank, the father of that woman bedridden who shoots himself.

AJ & Tess make it out of the house but are followed by the woman who follows both of them on a tube well only to find AJ pushing Tess off that building followed by the woman who also jumps to save Tess and she does, landing on her back with Tess in her arms. AJ comes down to get Tess but the woman wakes up and kills AJ.

Tess, who is hurt, shot and not able to move, shoots the woman in the face after the woman embraces her with a kiss saying “baby”.



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