How Many People Did Joe Kill In Season 4? YOU Season 4 Part 1 has been released recently on Netflix and the wait has been worth it. With the addition of new characters that are not just shrewd but also dangerous, the Season turns Joe into the stalked rather than the stalker which is a change of pace as Joe tries to make sense of what is happening and finding who is the real killer among those shrewd bunch that calls themselves each other’s friends.

There are a lot of things one could be interested in as to what might’ve happened in YOU, but one thing we’re certain about is there’s going to be a lot of killings, so if you’re interested in how many people Joe kill in Season 4, you’re at the right place.

How Many People Does Joe Kill In Season 4?

As Joe ends up with Malcolm, a fellow literature Professor at the University dead at his apartment whom he did not kill, to cover that whole thing up and make sense of what is happening and who is communicating with him over Evanesce, Joe ended up killing just one person this season

1). Vik: He’s the personal bodyguard of Lady Phoebe and she treats him like family. Vik had caught Joe multiple times peeping into Phoebe and Adam’s business and after a warning, he finds Joe following Kate and then he catches him. To save himself from there, he kills Vik and dumps his body into Simon’s grave.

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