“Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale” is an ongoing AMC+ original Fantasy Adventure Mystery drama series. The show is having great twists and turns that will grip the audiences until the end. The show is currently doing very well, and it is available with only 2 episodes in the English language with English subtitles. We’re covering all the characters line by line for fans due to the great hype among them.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Harper Fenn;

The character of Harper Fenn is played by actress Hazel Doupe. Harper is the girlfriend of Daniel, who died in the accident at the club. DCI Knight is assigned for the investigation of the case.

Harper was there in the hospital and in the club as well. So, DCI started interrogating her. When she went to her, Harper clearly said no for interrogating, but they were still trying to interrogate her. Harper is very different from her other friends. She’s the daughter of Sarah Fenn. Sarah and Abigail are friends, and they also know about the relationship between Harper and Daniel. But when Dan died, Abigail is alone now.

Harper Fenn’s s*x tape with Daniel has been spread. When DCI went to Beatrice, a friend of Harper, she also told them about the tape. In fact, DCI Knight also got the footage. She was watching that footage, and Abigail arrives in the office with Sarah. Abigail got so angry when she comes to know DCI isn’t doing her duty properly.

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Harper’s mom, Sarah, is also a witch. Let’s see how this show is going to take twists and turns. There are so many witches in the show, and everyone is having different stories.


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