Abigail Whithall In ‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’Character Explained: “Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale” is a recently streamed English Fantasy Mystery Thriller drama series that revolves around the lives of people living in a town named Sanctuary. There are many witches in that town playing with some powerful spells.

In Sanctuary, there are numerous witch characters. In this show, we’re going to tell you about all the characters of this show. Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Abigail Whitehall, played by actress Amy De Brhun.

Spoilers ahead!!

Abigail is the loving mother of Dan, who died in an accident at a party. There is much related to Abigail in the start of the show. There is much to discover in the upcoming episodes. The show has just started, and there are five more episodes to arrive now.

When Dan died, DCI Maggie Knight took over the case. She wasn’t helping Abigail at all. Instead of helping her, she was looking at the s*x tape of Dan, and because of this, Abigail got more angry with her. The police’s job is to give justice, but they weren’t helping her. They were creating a bad image of Daniel. Abigail Whitehall is also a witch who was very happy before her son’s death, but when she saw the body of her son, she wasn’t able to control her tears. The police are still investigating the accident.

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