The Way Home Episode 1 Ending Explained: HALLMARK’s New Original Series titled “The Way Home” has debuted and like any other HALLMARK series, this one also has a story that hits close to family and the turbulence in it.

The Way Home stars three generations of Landry Women who, well do not get along together with the incidents that happened in their life and how an incident changes their perspective and the three realize what is important.

That’s what this show is about, family and perspectives. Here’s what happened in the first Episode titled “Mothers And Daughters”

Ending Explained

Alice Dhawan is in the middle of a divorce while her parents Kat and Brady. While their separation has been affecting her badly, she was holding onto the hope that they might get back together but mostly she wants her parents to show up for her and that’s what it starts with when her father does show up but he has little to no interest in her singing performance and she runs off in the middle of it hitting the fire alarm for which she gets thrown out of the school.

Her father has recently moved in with his girlfriend Rachel and he is yet to break this news to Alice while Alice is revolting. On the other hand, Kat has been fired from her dream job as a Reporter after the paper started downsizing and now she has no job.

Kat comes across a letter from her mother that says that she should come back home, to Port Haven, Canada and the next thing we see is Kat taking Alice with her and moving to Canada to live with her mother at her farm. Alice does not want to go but her father asks her because he is always busy with work and can’t leave Alice alone so he asks her to go with her mother. Alice isn’t comfortable with that and on the way, she keeps texting her father how much she wants to come back until she calls him and he says no to her coming back.

Kat confronts Brady about that and it turns out that he still hasn’t told Alice about Rachel moving in with them. After Alice runs out of the school because she’s made fun of relating to the fire alarm Kat tells her that her father has moved in with his girlfriend which sends Alice into shock and she runs off into the woods to the lake which we see at the start of the episode.

At the start of the Episode, we see a girl running with Police Officers running after her, and in the end, she jumps into the pond and that’s exactly what happens, Alice while trying to find her mother’s bracelet, she falls into the pond and starts to sink since she doesn’t know how to swim.

Alice is helped by a hand that turns out to be Kat’s but not her mother, this Kat is younger like she’s in her twenties. Alice is saved by her and she takes her to the house where she meets her Grandmother Del who is young, her Grandfather Cotton, and Bruce, Kat’s brother who dies accidentally because of which Kat leaves Port Haven.

Alice is welcomed by the family and they treat her very warmly Alice knows who they are and she goes along trying to understand what is going on. Now, she also meets young Eliott who is her best friend of Kat from her childhood. After she’s had dinner, Alice leaves and goes straight up to Eliott’s cabin where he’s been preparing his telescope to see the moon and she asks him for help.

On the other hand in 2023, Kat is going crazy because her daughter is missing. She receives a text from Eliott saying “Don’t Worry About Alice, she’ll find her way home” as he’s standing right in front of the pond and in 1999, we see Alice going up to Eliott asking him for help.

Episode 1 is streaming on HALLMARK and Peacock.



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