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Scott’s Story ‘Accused’ Episode 1 True Story? | Real Incident? | Fox

Scott’s Story’ ‘Accused’ Episode 1 True Story?: The waited web series from FOX finally got released Today on the Platform, Yes, we are talking about the Fox Original show ‘Accused’ episode 1 of the show is now available to watch online on Platform.

Episode 1 is around 45 Minutes long and now Available in English audio with subtitles on Hulu, Fox Channel, and SonyLiv for India users, Now many of you were asking if the story is based on a true story, so here we are going to tell you the same.

Episode 1 of the show is titled ‘Scott’s Story’, The show revolves around the Case of Dr. Scott Hamon, He is accused of Negligence which lead to the Mass Murder of Kids at School by Scott’s Son Devin, There is Evidence that Devin is very much violent in Nature still Scott neglect this fact and he gave around 10000$ to his Son for a Trip without double checking, Devin uses that Money to Buy Guns and Knife which was used by him later in the Mass Murder in the school.

Now coming to questions, Is Episode 1 based on True Story? No, The episode is not based on the True Incident, but it is inspired by real-life Shootings, There are Various cases in the USA where Mass shootings happened in High Schools, and Negligence by the Parents was the main reason behind that, The episode 1 Potreys the story of same, Although the episode 1 is not related directly to any Particular Incident.



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