Sick Movie Review: Blumhouse’s “Sick” has been released on the streaming platform Peacock which tells the story of a time we’re all quite familiar with. Yep, that’s right, it tells the story of the time when COVID was rampaging in the United States and everyone was getting used to the new stay-at-home orders.

What Blumhouse has done here is infused a slasher that blends well with the COVID mindset and how it had people on edge. Starring Gideon Adlon, Bethlehem Million along with other actors, the film has been directed by John Hyams.


Parker and Miri are two friends and are trying to adjust to the new rules and orders put in by the government for quarantine. Miri wants to meet her father and she has to quarantine first so Parker, her friend suggests that they quarantine at their lake house which is far away from any disturbance and also people it could also be a nice getaway and they could spend some time together without all these regulations.

On the other hand, the film starts off with the murder of Tyler who is stalked by an unknown person and is killed in his room. How the film unfolds when Parker and Miri who are all alone in the lake house are visited by the killer and who is killed and who comes out alive is what the film is about.


COVID has definitely left quite an impression on the writers and they could really do well if they decide to use this as a setting. One good example is SICK. It definitely gives motive to the killings and somehow you feel empathetic towards it as well. Quite short in runtime, Sick does not waste any time, and right from the first minute, it grips you and keeps you interested.

The Horror element works well with the slasher genre and there are moments that get you, as well. The screenplay has been done quite nicely and the cinematography is nice as well, SICK is definitely a good addition to the list of good slashers and is a recommended watch.

Final Verdict: 3/5

“Sick is a nicely written film that has all the elements of a good slasher flick.”



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