Rabbit Hole Episode 3 Summary & Ending Explained: Rabbit Hole is now available on Paramount+ in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the third episode of the series so let’s get started.

The story starts with a flashback in 2018 where John dying father Dr. Ben telling him and his best friend Miles Valence about an enemy who is nowhere to seen and they never heard about it before, but seeing his condition John and his friend agrees with his father, now cut back to another flashback in 1986, where John was engaged in a fight with a student after the death of his father and later was restricted from the school due to his behavior.

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He goes back to his house where he found letters from his father which are marked with some numbers, and he also found a safe hidden in the wall, later he was sent to a boarding school where he met with Miles, and after some time he also shows Miles his father’s letter and they started cracking the code to open the safe hidden in the wall.

Another flashback in 2016 when John and Miles opened a company Arda Analytics company to predict human behavior, and after some days when John was back home he was shocked to see his father Ben there, who faked his death all these years and is now back but after some conservation, John partners with his father for their better future.

Ben teams up with John and Miles, his mission was to eliminate Crowley his former partner when he was in the CIA, he wants to expose him so his life was in danger that’s why he has to fake his death, now he tells his plan to John and Valence.

Now back to the present where John, Ben, Edward, and Hailey are running from the police and hiding in John’s childhood home, John came to know that Miles died from suicide, On the other hand, Ben wants to kill Hailey but stopped by John he also wants to investigate Homm, but he refused to speak a word.

John wants to access Valence’s comms data and he has entered the wrong password two times in the safe Xander Arnaz Valence’s client knows that John is somewhere in New York but he wants one more wrong attempt to know his exact location.

Now John thinks of the time when he and Miles cracked the code of his father’s safe and John was disappointed to find out that there was nothing of his interest that’s when Miles tells him that his father loved him too much that he had written his name in numbers as the password, And back to present John successfully cracks the password and on the other hand, Arnaz was distracted by the arrival of Madi in his office and John was in motion with all the data and his partners.

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In the end, we see the password was “Safety,” written in numbers, as he likes to say Safety in numbers in the end we see Arnaz jumping from the floor and dying same as Miles and the episode ends.



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