Frances Bell In ‘Boy Swallows Universe’: Boy Swallows Universe is a Netflix limited coming-age drama series which is based on the autobiography of Trent Dalton this show is written by John Colle and the story is centered around a boy named Eli Bell who is a working boy and follows the up-and-down story of him and his life where he tries to protect his family from the danger which we see in this show.

In this article, i am going to tell the details about the main lead female character named Frances Bell where i have covered her all the details along with the show and more we see in this article.

In the show, Frances Bell is the mother of Eli and Gus she is a drug addict and still Eli believes that he is mother is to good she is with her boyfriend named Lyle and we find that they are dealing drugs to the people whom we see that she left her husband when Eli is 5 years old and his brother is 6.

We see that as a mother she is very good and take good care of her children and her son also believes the same about Bell we find she is a teacher and always go to university but she fell in love with Lyle and he loves her children as his own children where we find that Frankie is addicted to drugs and left the children at home alone.

Later, we see that Lyle again starts dealing with drugs as their family income is low and selling drugs provides a good source of income where he gives whatever Frankie want with the money of drugs where we find that Eli believes that Lyle is not good for his mother.

In this show, Phoebe Tonkin plays the role of Frances Bell whereas she is known for her role in The CW show The Vampira Diaries and also The Originals we saw her in different movies and series including Tomorrow, The Secret Circle, Just Add Water and more.

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This is all the details about the main lead female charcter of this show whereas i have covered all the details.



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