Boy Swallows Universe Ending Explained: “Boy Swallows Universe” is a comedy coming-of-age drama series based on the biographical novel by Trent Dalton. The show revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Eli and his older brother named August. Throughout the series, we learn about their mother and her boyfriend, who attempt to sell drugs to a person featured in the show.

In this article, I am discussing the ending of the show, detailing what transpired in its conclusion. You will find all the details and the plot of the show as presented in this article.


As the show progresses, the plot delves into Eli’s family dynamics. Robert and Frankie seek to negotiate, and Robert begins selling his novels to a bookstore owner, allowing him to maintain his job. We witness Eli securing a perfect job at a newspaper agency and writing an article about Alex Bermuda, revealing his plans for his life.

Following this, Shelly and Gus earn praise for their efforts in raising money for disabled children’s schooling, leading to their selection as Queensland champions. They receive an award from Tytus Broz. Eli, wanting to interview Tytus Broz, suspects Broz’s involvement in drug dealing.

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Upon discovering that Broz transferred money to an unknown company, they find a connection to Ivan Kroll. Ivan is considered a smokescreen, and his ex-employee reveals that Broz is involved in something more dangerous than drugs. Broz learns about Eli’s investigation and takes measures to address it.

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Ending Explained

The scene shifts, and Tim mysteriously disappears. Eli ends up in an interview with Broz, who hints at his stepfather’s ongoing drug issues. Eli and Caitlyn investigate Broz’s warehouse, where Ivan is ordered to kill them. They manage to escape to his laboratory, where the objective is to eliminate them.

In the end, Caitlyn and Eli attend the award ceremony, claiming that Broz has been murdered and can be arrested. However, Ivan catches up to them, stabbing both Eli and Robert. Eli climbs to the clock tower, with Ivan in pursuit. Gus comes to their rescue, and Ivan meets his demise, concluding the show.

These are all the details about the ending of the show. I aim to cover every detail in-depth. If you enjoyed the show, let me know in the comment box how much you liked it.

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